Net Promoter customer loyalty training

I spent three days last week at Satmetrix‘s Net Promoter Customer Loyalty training. At initial glance, I thought that the price tag was a bit much for what I thought would be a very high level training class on how to subtract the amount of detractors from promoters. Boy was I wrong! We spent three days going into depth on how the Net Promoter Rating is more than just a number and how to figure out what your customers are really telling you and then what that means to your business. We heard case study after case study on how worldwide companies such as GE, Experian, Harley Davidson and Allianz have deployed the Net Promoter customer loyalty program – and it is much more than just a number.

Something that I found extremely interesting was that there were people from many different roles within an organization at the training – an HR manager to call center manager to SVP of Customer Experience to a CMO and President of a company. It goes to shows that having a complete and successful customer loyalty program requires input from a plethora of groups within a company.

If you don’t have the budget to attend one of the training classes, I understand that the conferences are very good too. If you don’t have budget for that, read the book “The Ultimate Question” by Fred Reiccheld.

I’m meeting with my boss this week to see if we can implement a Net Promoter program and hopefully she’ll say yes!


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  1. What a great post! I’m a proud graduate of the first NPS Certification course (in Miami- January of this year). I’m a self-employed consultant to financial institutions. So I’m with you when I thought the price tag was a little high. The first day I sat there thinking…”Boy this better be worth it!” About 15 minutes into it I knew it was. Fred Reichheld kicked it off. I could listen to him read the phone book! He’s such a kind man, and super smart but not intimidating at all.

    I had read his book The Ultimate Question twice by then, and he was so gracious when he autographed it. He said, “Hey, you read my book!” (He could tell cuz I tend to write in them and turn back pages, and insert sticky notes). “Yes!” I exclaimed. “Good, cuz that’s why I wrote it” Fred continued. I love him!

    My big AHA! came when Dr. Laura Brooks showed us the Customer Corridor. That was worth every penny. Not to mention rubbing elbows with a Six Sigma Black Belt from GE, a fellow consultant from Down Under, and a gal that managed the phone center of a gigantic cell phone carrier.

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