A case for bad profits!

I spent a week in October not able to access my computer. So, the next best thing was to access my email through my cell phone. I went into the phone browser and did the $20 or so a day for access for the first two days and then realized I’d be in the hospital longer than I had originally thought and did $5 a month for access. It thought that was it and started accessing the Web.

I just got my phone bill and it is $180 more than my regular bill. I looked at the details of the phone and the extra charges are because I went over my minutes. I was perplexed as I don’t spend a lot of time on my phone and definitely not 450 minutes worth. When I took a closer look, I see that my regular minutes are deducted by the amount of time I spent online. After I hit the max, I was charged $.45 for every minute over. (For all you who use your cell phone a lot you probably already knew that this would happen. On the other hand, I was blown away by the charges because I thought that the $5 a month covered it all.)

Call me crazy, but this seems like a prime example of bad profits. First, I have to pay to access the Web. Then, I get my minutes deducted because I’m using the Internet via my phone. Finally, I get charged $.45 for every minute over the limit. So in essence, I’m being hit three times (on top of my regular phone bill) for accessing the Internet. I’m pretty sure this isn’t done only by my cell phone provider, but I don’t care. It’s wrong! Could you imagine driving into a gas station and being charged just pull up to the tank, and then getting charged to fill up the tank as well as time spent at the pump? It’s ridiculous and gas stations wouldn’t do it because it’s bad profits!

To top it off, you would think that if someone went from $50 a month to more than $220 in a month that there would be a fraud alert or something of the sort to notify me. Nope. I got zilch except for a big fat bill.

I’m debating if I should cancel my phone service on the way home tonight.

Grrrrrrr. Enough venting for one day.


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