7 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

There is a chain letter of sorts going around the blogosphere and I’ve been tagged by Jennifer Leggio so, in order not to receive bad luck for 7 years (or something of the sort) here are 7 things you know or don’t know about me. Pull up a chair, get a cup of coffee and let’s get personal.


1 – I am the godfather to my best friend’s son.  Doesn’t sound so strange until you realize that I’m female – and no, I wasn’t a man before.  My godson has two godmothers but the lady at the church wouldn’t let my best friend name both of us as godmothers, so I got the godfather title because I’ve got the funky first name.


2 – I am first generation American.  Both my parents were born and raised in Ireland.


3 – Instead of giving up things on January 1st, I try to do 10 new things every year.  This year included an improv class, a class at Stanford University, a trip to Paris, surgery and well, six other things.


4 – I have the coolest nieces, nephews and dog!  No really, they are so much cooler than yours J


5 – I lived on a 14 x 3 mile island in the Pacific for two years.


6 – I love my job because I talk to happy customers all the time.


7 – My birthday is December 27th which makes me a Capricorn and the best belated Christmas present my parents and older brothers ever got!


I am not going to tag people like I’m supposed to (call me a rebel), but will tell you that I find the below people super interesting and/or funny.  You can following them on Twitter or check out their blogs. 


@chrisbrogan | Chris Brogan

@PRsarahevans  | Sarah Evans

@mscathybrowne   | Cathy Browne

@nicklucido | Nick Lucido C
SueMarks | Sue Marks


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