Building Customer Loyalty – One Tweet at a Time

A co-worker of mine is a huge fan of the site  I hadn’t heard of them until she showed me the calendar she made on their site last year.  It’s absolutely hilarious and you have to check your pulse if you don’t find yourself cracking up when reading their “demotivators”.


Last week my co-worker made a comment on Twitter about how she loved the site and how she makes personal calendars on their site every year.  A few days later she received a cute print t-shirt but she had no idea from whom.  She got onto Twitter and mentioned it and it turns out that one of the marketing folks at (@wailinglist) saw her tweet and sent her the t-shirt as a thank you for the shout out.  When she got her calendar in the mail yesterday they had also added a poster.


So what’s the point of this?


          Use social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find out what people are saying about you.


          Be active when you see that you’re being talked about.  Thank those that say good things and fix the problems when people say bad things.  Great job @wailinglist! 


          Word-of-mouth (WOM) has a huge impact on buyer perception.  If my co-worker had said something bad about, it could have had a huge negative impact.  Now, there will be positive impact as I’m sure they’ve gained more followers.


Thanks to a savvy marketing person at who uses social media to find out what customers are saying, not only is my co-worker thrilled that she got a free t-shirt and poster, but her loyalty to the company is as strong as ever and she’s telling others.


What did you do this week to make a customer loyal?


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  1. I’ve heard of social media for marketing but this gave me a new perspective. Am I to assume that you would use two accounts then, one for personal life and one for work or is it possible to combine the two. I guess if the whole point is to get on a personal level then you’d want to combine the two. If this is out of my comfort zone, how will this come across to our clients?

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