JetBlue Flies Right with Customers

I saw this article posted on JetBlue in the San Jose Mercury News (taken from the Washington Post) today and thought it was worth sharing. What’s better than showing your customers that you value them and have empathy for what they’re going through? Customer loyalty is more than products and services, it’s also how you treat the customer and this is how you build loyalty!

JetBlue will refund your tickets if you get laid off

Lost your job and can’t afford the trip you had planned?

If you’re ticketed on JetBlue, the airline will refund your fare.

The JetBlue Promise will allow full refunds to those who buy a ticket between Feb. 1 and June 1 and involuntarily lose their job on or after Feb. 17. The airline typically charges $100 for cancellations and issues the balance in the form of vouchers, which must be used within a year.

The person requesting the refund must have paid for the ticket or tickets, must be 18 years old as of Feb. 17, and must have worked for at least 30 hours a week. Refunds can be requested for up to nine customers on one itinerary, so families or groups traveling together will receive full refunds if the person who paid for the tickets is laid off.

Robin Hayes, JetBlue’s executive vice president and chief commercial officer, said in a statement that the new policy allows passengers “to book early and take advantage of our low fares without worrying they will lose their money if they need to cancel their trip due to job loss.”

Refund requests require documentation: They must be received by fax no fewer than 14 days before the scheduled departure of the outbound flight. The original must be notarized, sent via certified mail and received no later than the outbound flight’s departure date.

To download complete eligibility terms, a refund form and contact information, go to this page.


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