Good Example of Closing the Loop – AlaVie Fitness

I got the below email today from the company where I was doing my morning Boot Camp. This is a perfect example of letting the customer know that you’re listening to them and (key word!) doing something about what they’ve said. Kudos AlaVie Fitness.

“Hi Everyone,

The results are in from the AlaVie Fitness survey of all current and past boot campers.

You gave us some fantastic insights about improving our program, and we want to thank you for all of your ideas and suggestions.

You spoke, we listened, and we’re making some big changes to AlaVie Boot Camp based on your feedback:

– Eliminating the 1 week break between camps (to help you keep up your fitness momentum). Starting in August of 2009.
– Making the pre-camp consultations optional (to give you the flexibility to decide when you really need your coach’s guidance). Starting in August of 2009.
– Lowering our prices (to make the Bay Area’s best boot camp more accessible to you). Starting in August of 2009.

For all camps that start after AUGUST 1st – , we’ve published our new AlaVie Boot Camp registration and calendar to reflect new camp dates and prices:

We want to make this transition as smooth as possible for you, so please contact us at or 415-567-7411if you have any questions or concerns.

Remember, this is YOUR fitness community. If you have additional ideas about how to improve AlaVie Boot Camp, please share them with us!

Thank you for making AlaVie part of your fitness journey.”

Knowing that they listen, I bet they’ll get more people willing to give them feedback when they ask. Great job closing the loop boot camp trainers!


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