Pizza Anyone?

When someone tells you something that you don’t like, what do you do? Do you nod your head and say yes while internally say that they can kiss your @#$#$? Do you tell them that they’re wrong and fight back? Or, do you listen to what they say, take it in and use it as constructive criticism? 

I would love to say that I do the latter all the time, but realistically that doesn’t happen. Just this week I did a bit of all three. But when it comes to your business where bottom lines matter and competitors are chomping at your market share you have to think a bit differently.

Take Dominos’ new advertising campaign. In case you haven’t seen it, there’s a scene of a focus group and person after person says that Dominos’ pizza tastes awful. In between each bit of criticism Dominos shows footage of those in the focus group getting home delivery of Dominos’ new pizza and the focus group participants saying how great it is and how they now believe in the pizza. Such a simple advertising piece but it is brilliant! 

By these ads Dominos is showing that voice of the customer is important to them. Who would have thought that a large company would listen to its customers and then do something about it? Dominos is also doing something remarkable in that they are admitting to everyone that they messed up. Dominos realized that the pizza they had been making for years stunk and have made a commitment to their customers that the newer pizza will be much better.

There is little doubt that the bottom line and gaining market share is top of mind for Dominos but instead of doing it by pouncing on their competitors or lowering prices or some other cheap non voice of the customer change, Dominos decided to listen to its customers and make a dramatic move and change the way it is doing things. Simple idea but I wish that many more companies would do it. 

Don’t just listen to your customers, act!  It could be the easiest most cost effective Marketing campaign your company implements in order to improve customer loyalty.

How does your company deal with criticism?


2 Responses

  1. Interesting blog and I like your thoughts about listening to customers. I’m faced with so much to listen to that I often find myself yearning for a way to synthesize and cut through some of it. Now looking to speech analytics to do some data mining in the call center. Thanks for writing your blog.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tammy. It can be hard to go through all comments and I don’t envy you. Have you been able to break down the comments into the customers you’re targeting and start from there rather than reading/listening to everything? It can be tough to make the call between what you need to listen to and act upon versus just listening to but that’s where the value of the customer comes in but it doesn’t always mean the biggest customer gets the most “ear”.

    Good luck!

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