Customer Reference Blogs Worth Reading

In my last #crlp post I said to talk to other folks who are focused on customer references.  To give you a head start, below is a list of some other blogs that are definitely worth a read!  Thanks to the Customer Reference Knowledge Sharing Network for collecting this list of blogs.  Happy reading!

Converational Chaos by Lisa Hosel:

Cubed Consulting Blog by Umang Shaw:

Marketing Musings by Anika Lehde, Corey Mahoney, Eric Larson (Projectline):

Reference Geeks by Melissa Talbot and Robin Hamilton:

Reference Management Insider by Barbara Krasner:

Reference Point by Bill Lee:

Reference Success by Josh Horowitz (Boulder Logic):

Stories that Sell by Casey Hibbard:

WriteSpark Case Study Insights by Janice King:

Customer Reference Insights by David Sroka and Darren Smith (Point of Reference):


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for taking the time to make this helpful list – I have just recently “joined the conversation” about customer referencing and it seems like while there are plenty of blogs and posts, there isn’t enough on-line interaction and dialogue.

    While every marketer knows how important it is to have references, that doesn’t make it easier to create and retain them, especially for smaller vendors. The main issue – incentives, incentives, incentives… what are your favorites?

  2. Hi Shelli-
    Have you checked out groups like the Customer Reference Knowledge Sharing Network, Customer Reference Forum and Loyalty Redefined on LinkedIn? They all have some good conversations that happen all the time.

    I agree with you on the challenges of getting a good reference – especially as a smaller vendor.

    I don’t give incentives to the customers, but I do for the sales folks. Send me an email at and I can give you some ideas.

    Keep fighting the good reference fight!


  3. Hi Maeve,

    I have been listening in on some of those forums, but haven’t yet been so proactive. Thanks for the encouragement!

    All the best,

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