The Red Light is Flashing – What Do You Do?

There are certain email addresses that when I look at my Blackberry, I immediately open up the email. Specific friends, family members, my boss, customers whom I’m waiting to hear back from, customers who I enjoy working with – you get the idea. Not everyone makes “the cut” when it comes to me opening an email minutes or seconds after it arrives on my Blackberry or inbox. I break down the qualification list by those who make me smile, have something for me or I have something for them. What it comes down to is my relationship with them.

With your customers working with so many vendors, make your email the one that customers open as soon as they see it come in. Treat them well, don’t take advantage of them and help them help themselves. Just as much as you want them to be loyal to you, be loyal to them. Stand out, make a difference with your customers.  Don’t be just another vendor. Be a strategic vendor that they want to work with.  Not one they have to work with.

The red light is flashing, let me see who it is.

What prompts you to open emails as soon as you get them?  Do you prioritize your emails?

(As a side note, just because I don’t answer your email right away doesn’t mean you’re not important. Sometimes a little research needs to be done before I answer emails or sometimes, believe it or not, I don’t always have my Blackberry with me.)


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