“Making the world a better place, one Bear at a time.”

I recently purchased a teddy bear from Vermont Teddy Bear Company for a friend’s daughter who was in the hospital.  I ordered a teddy bear, but what I got was an awesome experience. 

Going onto their website  it was so much fun “creating” the bear I wanted to go to my friend’s baby.  I got to select from a wide range of bears wearing different outfits and I was even able to add a hospital band with a personal message to the little patiend.

I ended up having to call customer service because my friend’s daughter was released from the hospital prior to the teddy bear arriving (yay!) and I had to change the shipping address.  To my surprise, I spoke with a very friendly customer service representative.  Yeah, that’s right. 1) I spoke to someone rather than being stuck in 20 minutes of a computerized voice telling me to push #1 for this and #2 for that and 2) I spoke with a super friendly young lady.  Double shocker!  It’s sad that we’ve come to the point where we’re shocked about little things like this.

After the order was placed and was ready to be shipped, I got the following email from the company.


Subject: Your bear has begun its journey


Thank you for ordering a Bear-Gram gift from The Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Your Bear has begun its journey and can’t wait to meet its new family! It was picked up by UPS – Shelburne from our Shelburne, VT factory and is scheduled for delivery by 05-17-11.

Important InFURmation about your Bear’s journey:

* Bears traveling to a business address will arrive by the end of the business day.

* Bears on their way to a residential address will arrive by 8:00 p.m.

* You are receiving this email because your Bear is now in the hands of the carrier. However, depending upon your requested delivery service, your tracking number will show activity between 1-7 days prior to scheduled delivery.

* The tracking number may show as “invalid” – no scans/activity – until several hours after your Bear leaves our factory inVermont.

TO TRACK YOUR BEAR’S JOURNEY, go to: <tracking link was entered here>

TRACKING #:  <a number was placed here>

Your reference # is: <reference number was here>

Just like a Teddy Bear, we’re always here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service with any questions. Just call 1-800-988-8277 or click on the following link: http://www.vermontteddybear.com/Static/Customer-Service-Form.aspx

Thank you again for sending a Bear-Gram gift. We hope you’ll think of us whenever you need to send a fun and creative surprise for any occasion, or if you ever need a really good Bear hug for yourself. Vermont Teddy Bears do give the best hugs after all.


Your Friends at The Vermont Teddy Bear Company

“Making the world a better place, one Bear at a time.”


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I’m not the type of person to say “how cute!” or “how adorable” when it’s not meant, but I couldn’t help to tell a co-worker about this email!  I was extremely impressed with the company’s total adoption of the “bear culture” (I added the bolded text in the email to show how much of the email they sent to me adopted the whole bear experience) .  Every aspect of their communication to me was about the bear and not the gift.  They made it personal and I loved it!  My bear was going to arrive safely and believe it or not, they made me care about that!

Additionally, they did a simple and non threatening upsell at the end of the email by suggesting other similar businesses.

Kudos to all of you at the Vermont Bear Company.  I love your bears and truly appreciate the customer communication – both via email and on the phone.

If you want to send a bear to someone you care about, check out their website here. No, I’m not being paid by them to say this, I just think that this was a great customer experience and had to share it with you.

What company has recently impressed you with its great customer experience?


One Response

  1. Hey Maeve, I’m part of the Bear Crew (i.e., here at Vermont Teddy Bear Company). We just wrote about your post on our own blog at http://blog.vermontteddybear.com/2011/08/03/keeping-customers-happy-and-loyal/ .

    At the risk of repeating some of what we wrote there: Thank you so much FUR all the kind words and FUR letting one of our Bears be a get well gift and a part of your friend’s daughter’s recuperation. We PAWSitively appreciate that you took the time to share your story on your blog, and we’re BEARy grateful for the opportunity to serve another “happy and loyal” customer!

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