Know Your Customer

It’s always interesting to me when I get pitches from companies thinking that I’m a reporter. I’m usually flattered, but clearly the folks haven’t done their homework.  When I get emails with pitches, I always write back and say that I’m not a reporter.  Some of the folks apologize and thank me for getting back to them.  However, just yesterday I had someone pitch me a story, I wrote back saying that I’m not a reporter, and he replied with a question about what my colleagues write about and if any of them would be interested.

Before you do anything with a customer or potential customer, get to know them.  You might not have to know the nitty gritty about them, but give them enough respect to do some research.  Before I do any case study or press release call I always always always (yes, always!) check out their website.  I find out where they have offices, who their customers are and a bit about their business.

Doing your homework will save you time, embarrassment and the possibility of losing a customer!


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