The Call that Changed the Week

The past few weeks have been crazy with reference requests…”I need 15 references for…”, “the deal won’t close without a xxxxxx reference”, “the RFP needs 4 references”.  It was just enough for me to  pull my hair out.  As soon as I would complete a request, one or two more would hit my inbox. I kind of hit the point where the last thing I wanted to think about was talking to a customer and asking them if I could use them.

But then on Thursday, that all changed. I got a call from one of my favorite customers. I had convinced myself that he was calling me directly to get references for a new project he was working on, but he wasn’t. He just called to say hi and to see how I was doing. 

It was then that I realized the beauty and the joy of running a reference program – the connections you make with your customers. Mike had no idea what that call meant to me as it helped me put things back in perspective. I love working with customers and helping my PR team, AR team and sales teams out by giving them great customers. 

So thank you Mike for the call!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for reminding everyone in the customer success business why we are here… I shared this with all our members at and look forward to hearing more!

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