One Person Really Can Make a Difference

I was recently at a San Jose Sharks game and I heard this young male yelling behind me.  I naturally turned around to find out what was going on (call me nosy) and couldn’t quite figure out what he was yelling yet he kept lifting his hands up in the air from his waist to the top of his head.  He kept doing this until a few people stood up and then sat down.  Then, people closer to me did the same and slowly you could see people throughout the Tank do the same.  After random folks were standing up and sitting down throughout the Tank, large crowds of folks were doing it.  This young man, single handedly had about 17,000 folks doing the wave.  It was actually pretty cool.  I thought that the wave was a thing of the past but this man proved me wrong.

So what does Sharks hockey, a crowd doing the wave and a young male have to do with customer references?  It’s simple.  When the odds seem against us, they might not really be.  Take chances in your program and find a few people to support you. Once you’ve won the loyalty of a few folks, it’ll spread.  Although sometimes running a reference program seems very daunting, take it one step at a time and you can make a difference.  The guy behind me didn’t start by getting all 17,000 folks doing the wave, he started with the people closest to him (literally) and that then spread.

Happy referencing and go Sharks!


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