The Quote Heard Around the World

I was recently reminded of a conversation I had years ago with a coworker about a customer quote for a product launch press release.  He was telling me doing a presumptive close on a customer quote was completely acceptable.  By this, he meant, send the quote to the customer and if they didn’t respond by a specific time or date, he would assume it was okay.  However, he never mentioned to the customer if they didn’t respond by the date that the quote would be used.  I almost had a heart attack.  What if the customer was on vacation, traveling or just didn’t have time to read the email.

Reference professionals, no matter how long it takes you, whether you risk the chance of losing a customer quote in a press release, never, ever, ever quote a customer in something that will go out to thousands of people, without getting approval.  The risk is absolutely not worth it.  A press releases, when distributed over the wire, can hit thousands of publications whereby they sometimes repost the press release word for word.  If the customer comes back and says that you need to remove the quote from the PR or that they are extremely upset, all you can do is remove it from your site.  There is no way to remove it from everywhere it is now located.

So please, push back on folks who say it is okay to publish a customer quote without either written or verbal approval from the customer, preferably written.  It could easily save you a huge headache, and maybe your job.


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  1. You have a point here. Even though it should be common sense, people still forget or neglect the approval. I linked to your post from my blog:

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