I was recently speaking with a friend and he mentioned that he had read my blog. I kind of cringed as I sheepishly said “It’s so out of date. I haven’t written in ages.” He laughed and said “It’s about frequency!” He said it as if he were putting me in blog time out. But, he was right.

If you’re going to have a blog, you need to write. It’s not that difficult of a concept, and really, it’s not that difficult to do. I just need to make time to do it, kind of like putting the garbage out on Monday nights. I need to make time and write, let’s say, every Tuesday night. (Just to be clear, I’m not comparing writing to putting the garbage out.)

As I was driving home, his comment “frequency” kept coming back to me, and, he’s right. I write about customer reference programs and CRPs need to be about frequency.

How often do you keep in contact with your customers? Once a week? Once a month? When you contact them, are you always asking for a reference? A quote, press release, case study, call, video?

Having frequent contact with your customers doesn’t mean you have to to be in frequent “favor” mode. Be frequent as you would a friend. Some friends want to you to get in touch once a week, others, every few months is perfectly fine. Every now and then just reach out and say “Hey Mike. How the heck are you? I hope you have some great summer plans with your daughter this summer. 6 years old is a great age to bring them to Bonfante Gardens.” (Please only call him/her Mike if that’s his/her name.) You get the point of the reach out though, right?

It really is as simple as my friend said, frequency! My mom says “Out of sight, out of mind” and if you’re not in front of your customers, well, you’re out of mind.


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