All the world needs is pizza!

I was at home last week and watched the Ellen DeGeneres Show and they were spotlighting a kid (he’s in his 20s) who left Wall Street, moved home to Philadelphia and with no restaurant experience, he opened a pizza joint, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza.

At the beginning of January his little pizza joint had 599 “likes” on Facebook. Today, just a week after the Ellen Show, they have just under 10,000!!!! That’s insane. Normally I’m not a huge proponent of “followers” or “likes” because it doesn’t truly show engagement. (Side note, there are benefits of having followers and likes but many times the numbers are overrated…but that’s a different post). However, in this case, I’m making an exception and it’s because of why this little pizza company is gaining so many followers that I’m writing about them now.

Today I was at home and there was one bad thing after another on the news…a hospital shooting in Boston, a freeway collapsed in Cincinnati, gas leak down the street from my house, all of different magnitudes of bad news. There’s very little positive or happy news on the TV, and then I remembered seeing Ellen’s show on Rosa’s Fresh Pizza.

What makes Rosa’s different is that they are giving their customers (and now non-customers) the ability to easily and quickly help those who are hungry.  It’s this simple…you buy a $1 slice of pizza and you tell the person at the counter that you want to buy another $1 slice for someone who is hungry. You then get a sticky note (just today 3M  provided Rosa’s with a whole lot of sticky notes…woot woot!), write a message on the note, stick it on the wall and when a hungry person walks in, they go to the wall, take a sticky note and trade it in for a slice of pizza. That’s it!  That’s all it takes to make a difference in someone’s life…a positive difference. It’s such a great story and it’s fantastic to hear that thousands of folks have heard the story now (thank you Ellen) and are now following this little pizza shop. And, the shop is now getting in money from people nowhere near Philadelphia to help feed the hungry. Check out Rosa’s Facebook page to see and read the stories. I dare you not to smile and give a huge sigh of “wow, people really are good!”

This week I challenge you to two things! 1) Spread positive news. When you’re about to tell your neighbor/friend about something bad that happens, stop, and think of something positive to say. We need more happy stories. 2) Do something good/nice for someone to pay it forward. When I cross a bridge in the East Bay (an actual bridge, not an analogy), I always hand the toll taker a Starbucks gift card for $10 and sometimes I pay for the car behind me. It makes me feel good, I love seeing the reaction of the bridge toll taker and seeing how long it take the car behind me to realize what I had done 🙂 (side note…did you know that bridge toll takers have one of the highest suicide rates of any job?)

Check out Ellen’s blog post here.

Check out the Ellen interview here.

Pay it forward my friends, pay it forward!


Rosa’s Fresh Pizza Sticky Wall



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