It’s the thought that counts right?

About a month ago I had one of my Sales guys forward me an email from one of his customers. The customer had previously requested for an article he was highlighted in, to be framed and sent to him. The Sales guy had either forgotten about the request or meant to do it but hadn’t gotten around to it. Either way, the request was sent to me.

I was able to track down the copy of the article (after the magazine sent me a copy of the right month but wrong year) and brought it in to be framed for the customer. Because of the size of the article – 9 pages – it was a huge job that had to be custom made. After about a week and a half and a few hundred dollars, the article was ready to be picked up.

It then sat inconspicuously in the cube next to mine for about two weeks. Ughing over the fact that I had to find a way to ship this monstrosity (3 feet by 4 feet and 24lbs), I put it on the back burner secretly hoping that it would find a way to pack and ship itself.

Finally realizing that it was collecting cob webs, I brought it to a local shipping store, spent another hundred dollars to get it packed up and a few hundred more to get it shipped to the customer by end of the week. I was finally happy that it was in the mail and was even getting congratulations from co-workers.

Anxious to see what the customer thought of it, I went online and saw that it was delivered and signed for on Friday. I sent the customer an email this morning to make sure that he had received it. He did – and the glass was shattered. My customer was checking to see if the actual article had been torn too.

After spending close to $1,000 and having the customer wait about a year (from the initial request) the beautiful, gigantic article was ruined. Was it worth it? At this point it’s anyone’s guess.