Target is…on target

I had the day off a while back and I went into Target at the San Jose Market Center at 9am on a weekday.  I hadn’t had my coffee yet and didn’t want to deal with anyone.  I was walking through the aisles and heard this man’s voice and then a group of folks clapping and then the man’s voice again and then more clapping.  I was intrigued by what was going on and wasn’t sure if it was a recording or something real.  As I walked closer to the voices, I realized that it was a real voice.  I turned the corner from the home goods section and standing in the aisle by the groceries were about 15 Target employees.  Then I realized what was happening.  The team lead was giving his morning spcheel to his team but, as he was doing it, he was giving kudos to team members who had done exceptional jobs. He was also explaining that Perry’s counterpart was in town and “what does that mean?”  A few team members yelled out “it means we’re awesome!”  He replied that he agreed and as he started to explain what all that meant, I started heading in the other direction. 

What I liked about this was not that credit was giving and that the team lead was pumping up the team (kudos to him though for doing that), but that it was being done in an aisle and not some back office.  To me, this is important because those recieving kudos are getting somewhat of public recognition. As a visitor to the store, I got a completely new appreciation for the work that is being done there.  It was very obvious to me that those employees were proud of what they were doing.  How many times can you say that when you go in to a retail location?

After I checked out I stopped in the store’s Starbucks location and was once again shocked by what I came across. An exceptionally genuine, not fake friendly kid took my order.  i think his name was Aaron and he was such a pleasure to speak with. 

Kudos to the staff at the Target in the San Jose Market Center!  You made my morning and although I’m no longer living in the area, I’ll be back to shop there.