Are You Tattoo Worthy?

Who doesn’t know the “Intel Inside” slogan or the Jack in the Box little cone heads on the antennas of lots of cars. It’s not too rare that you find people driving cars with license plates thanking their company (clearly an IPO situation when the person made a ton of money and is now driving a snazzy car – welcome to Silicon Valley!) or people wearing clothes with names on it – isn’t that how women flaunt designer handbags, clothes or shoes? Branding is everywhere and you can’t escape it.

Type in “John Deere tattoo” into your search engine and there are an overwhelming number of pictures of folks flaunting their green tattoo. A friend has her name tattooed on the back of her neck. Is a tattoo the ultimate form of a successful brand?

This past weekend I flew back from Denver, CO to San Jose, CA and on the flight back I read “Tattoos:  The Ultimate Proof of a Successful Brand” by Denise Wymore.  Denise was generous enough to send me a copy of her book. I love to read and was very excited to read her book knowing that she knows customer loyalty!

The book is a fun, funny and an easy read. But, I think I’m selling it short. It’s a great example of 9 brands that Wymore would tattoo on her body – one on her left shoulder, one on her neck, one on her upper right arm…

Throughout the book she goes through nine brands that she would tattoo on her body because she believes in them. Not only is she a satisfied “customer” but she’s loyal to them. It would probably take a huge earth shattering event for her to change her mind about the “companies” she’d tattoo on her body.

At the end of each chapter Wymore has five bullet points that she answers about each “company” she’d get a tattoo for:

–         the target audience

–         talking to the target

–         knowing the competition

–         making them irrelevant

–         staying loyal to their brand

If you don’t read the book (which would be a shame) at least look at the five bullet points and ask yourself those questions about the brand you’re trying to build whether it be you or your company.

Getting a tattoo is more than saying you like a brand. It’s saying that you believe in them and that when you’re 90 and your skin is saggy, you will still feel the same way (sorry for the bad visual).

Is your brand tattoo worthy?