:About Maeve Naughton

I originally started this blog as a customer reference blog but as I dove deeper into Marketing, I realized that customer references isn’t what I was really wanting to write about. So, I’ve changed the name and the focus.  Welcome to CX: Customer Xperience.


I have been involved with customer references and loyalty since about 2000 and although there’s definitely a growing need for companies to have such a program, few seem to be doing it and even fewer tend to be doing it effectively.

There are a few resources for customer reference  and loyalty professionals so by creating this blog, I am hoping to help those who are looking for answers.

I don’t claim to know everything about references, but in my ten plus years of experience, I have picked up some neat tricks and tools of the trade.

I was also on the board of the Customer Reference Knowledge Sharing Network. It’s a great resource for customer reference professionals.


Maeve Naughton


twitter id: @maevenaughton

Disclaimer: The posts here are solely my opinion and do not represent my current or past employers.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Maeve —

    Just came across your blog. You might be interested in our conferences (you can learn more at our website) — they are specifically for customer reference professionals. Btw, Customer Reference Forum wasn’t put on by Phelon — they were a sponsor at one a couple of years ago. I’m the owner of CRF.

    In addition to conferences, we have a newsletter, job board, reports and surveys — all accessible at our web site. Hope you find these useful

    All the best,

  2. Hi Maeve – Nice blog. I’m the PR/AR person for a US subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Japanese company. We don’t have a customer reference program and I don’t have any resources, $ or team, but I’m determined to create a program. Fortunately, my new boss (the VP of Marketing) and the VP of Sales are enthusiastically behind me. This blog is a help.

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