What We All Can Learn From MasterChef Junior

I’m sitting here watching MasterChef Junior and I’m smiling because it’s a very refreshing show.  As one child (they are all young kids) succeeds, they all smile.  When one receives criticism, they all grimace and feel the pain.  They are all a team, yet they are all competing for the same prize…the title of MasterChef Junior. One ity bitty little girl just said to a competitor and teammate “I would serve it at my restaurant”. Seriously!?  That’s amazing.

What happens between being 8 1/2 years old and how ever old your are now that makes us stop publicly praising those whom we work with and for? When did we lose our inner child? When did we start thinking that there’s not enough success to go around that we have be mad at those who do well? As working adults, we’re so focused on winning and doing better, getting more and going faster, that we sometimes forget to slow down and see who is around us.  See who is holding us up.

Whether it’s your customer, teammate, co-worker, friend or family member remember that there is enough to go around. Whether it be joy, success, money, love, success we all get there through teamwork and supporting each other. So next time you start to thing “Grrr, so and so just got a promotion!” Stop and rephrase your thinking to “That’s awesome that so and so just got a promotion.”

Good things happen when we’re good to others. Be good! It’s easier than you think.

there's enough to go around




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